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A premium pilot plant company, that provides turnkey pilot plant solutions from concept to commissioning.

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Well Equipped Facility

Design office and workshop located in the same facility for seamless design and construction. A shop floor with a floor space of 5000 sq.Feet and clear height in excess of 20 ft.

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Trusted Solution for your next Research


Established in 1991, Xytel India has completed over 150 Projects, Project Size Ranges from US$ 25K to 17Mio and has served More than 50 Clients in 10 Countries.
At Xytel, our focus on building long-term client relationships has helped us become one of the efficient & reliable providers of Pilot Plant Technology.

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Our engineers are tuned to think out of the box since most of the pilot plants we build are first of its kind.

We have strong in-house process engineering, mechanical engineering and instrumentation engineering capability with a special knowledge on small sizes and flow rates.

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With over 25 years of experience, Xytel’s engineers and technicians have developed superior fabrication techniques that deliver not only functionality but also esthetically appealing pilot plants. We are able to deliver much faster without compromising on any of the quality checks due to professional construction approach and easy access to engineering resources.

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Xytel India, a subsidiary of Xytel Inc., USA, the world leader in of pilot plants is engaged in the business of skid-mounted/modular, fully automated Pilot/Mini Plants on turnkey basis.

The Indian office is in business since two and a half decades and has completed many pilot/mini plant projects for Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Fine chemicals, Alternative Energy and Pharmaceutical Industry across Asia.

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Our Core Expertise

We provide the vital link between R&D in the laboratory and commercial scale plants.
This link in essence defines many a R&D success stories.

Laboratory sized Micro Reactor Units

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Laboratory sized Micro Reactor Units enable initial screening of any process/catalyst. With a smaller footprint and minimum raw material / utility requirements, this is the first tool for pilot level research.

Pilot Plants

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Pilot plants are slightly larger offering the researcher a feel of the main plant enabling the researcher understands the chemical process, leading to a better design and operation of the main plant.

Modular fabricated units

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Many of the process systems need to be integrated with existing production systems or need to be housed inside chemical production facilities. Our modular construction philosophy ensures minimum disruption to ongoing production facility.

Process Demonstration Units

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These are pre-commercial production systems those employ new production technology and also produce sizable volumes of products. This plants a built mainly for the purpose of fine tuning of new technology and also produce enough quantities of products for seed marketing.

“We don’t intend to sit back and enjoy the laurels we have won. Our vision is to sustain this momentum, and deliver a better future for the company, for the industry and for the entire mankind.”

Rajeev Hallur

Managing Director

Xytel india is committed to exceed customer expectations of quality, applicable requirements and schedule by;

- Continuous innovation and improvement of product technology keeping up with the latest technical advances.

- Being a step ahead in adopting advanced technologies to accomplish customer and applicable requirements.

- Adopting latest design standards and manufacturing practices to offer quality products at competitive prices.

- Providing training to employees towards knowledge enhancement, personality development and ability to think innovatively.

Xytel India is committed to comply with the requirements of the Quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness in all processes.

Xytel's family’s first pilot plant was built in the Year 1974. Since then we have built over a 1000 pilot plant projects. There are pilot plants built over the entire gamut of chemical processes.

No two pilot plants are similar and adapting the available hardware to suit customers research needs has been the key to Xytel’s success.
Xytel has been instrumental in developing vendors specializing in pilot plant equipment. Xytel's exhaustive database and sound engineering practices plug the grey areas where codes & established design principles are seldom applicable.

Xytel has in-house capability of software development SCADA programming. This ensures a seemless integration between process & instrumentation departments. Xytel also understands the lack of resources in a laboratory set-up and hence our pilot plants are built to last with minimum maintenance requirements.

So just bring us the idea and watch your pilot plant taking shape.
It is our endeavor to deliver a product that is state-of-the-art and fulfills all the requirements of the customer. To this end we remain connected to the customer throughout the life cycle of the pilot plant.

Our Esteemed Clients across the Globe

Throughout our history, XYTEL has continually achieved new milestones exceeding customer requirements and expectations with an extraordinarily high staff retention rate, industry-leading expertise and the loyalty of our valued customers worldwide.